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About Cayman Bee Farm

Cayman Bee Farm Ltd. is a Caymanian-owned business offering the purest honey with no sugar additives or preservatives sourced exclusively from Cayman bees. Our founder, Peter Fitzgerald, is an entomologist who has a passion for, and vested interest in the care and conservation of our islands’ bee population. He has travelled around the world to research other successful apiaries and ensure we are caring for our bees in the best possible ways. As a result, our carefully monitored hives are home to happy, safe, well fed, thriving bees.

Here at Cayman Bee Farm, we take pride in introducing our community to the world of bees and educating both young and old about the beauty of these insects and the integral role that they play in our delicate ecosystem. In addition, as part of our commitment to protecting Cayman’s bees, we safely remove existing wild beehives from residential and commercial properties and transition them to our bee farm for further care. We also support other hive owners as they care for bees on their own properties.

Learn more about our farm and our conservation efforts. Follow us @CaymanBeeFarm Facebook and Instagram.

About Cayman Bee Farm

Protecting Bees, Promoting Harmony


Fostering a thriving bee population, we advocate for bee conservation, provide pure honey, and educate our community about the beauty and importance of bees in our delicate ecosystem.


To offer the purest honey from Cayman bees, care for our hives, and protect wild bee colonies. We aim to educate and support hive owners while raising awareness about the vital role of bees in sustaining our environment.

Our Gallery

Immerse yourself in our captivating gallery. Explore stunning visuals of thriving bee colonies, honey extraction, and beekeeping activities that showcase the beauty and wonder of our buzzing world.


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