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Cayman Bee Farm natural raw honey will be available at several retail outlets. Further details coming soon!

We are happy to inform that a few retail locations will soon carry Cayman Bee Farm's natural raw honey. Our honey is a pure and delectable treat, and it is only obtained from Cayman bees. We take pleasure in providing honey that is unadulterated by preservatives or sugar additions, guaranteeing its superior quality and unadulterated deliciousness.

Watch this space for more information as we complete our collaborations with retail stores. We are thrilled to deliver the best honey to your neighbourhood straight from our properly inspected hives. Enjoy our honey's robust flavours and health advantages while knowing that its sustainable sourcing promotes the survival of our valuable bee population.

To be the first to learn when Cayman Bee Farm's natural raw honey becomes available in retail locations near you, follow us on social media or subscribe to our email. Prepare to enjoy nature's golden gem in all its unadulterated glory!

Service Enquiry

Buzzing with Answers to Your Questions!

Q1. What makes Cayman Bee Farm honey unique?

Cayman Bee Farm honey is sourced exclusively from Cayman bees, ensuring its purity and exceptional quality. Our honey is free from sugar additives or preservatives, offering you a natural and unadulterated taste of the islands' rich flora and the hard work of our thriving bee population.

Q2. Is Cayman Bee Farm honey available for online purchase?

At the moment, our honey is primarily available through retail outlets. However, we are continuously exploring options to make our honey accessible for online purchase in the future. Stay updated through our website and social media channels for any online purchasing opportunities.

Q3. Where can I purchase Cayman Bee Farm natural raw honey?

Our natural raw honey will soon be available at select retail outlets. Stay tuned for further details and announcements regarding specific locations.

Q4. Are there different varieties or flavors of honey available?

Our honey reflects the diverse floral sources of the Cayman Islands, resulting in a unique flavor profile. However, the specific varieties or flavors may vary based on seasonal changes and the natural nectar sources available to our bees. Each jar of Cayman Bee Farm honey captures the distinct essence of our local environment.

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